Five Crosses

Five Crosses (2009)
Thai ghost movie anthology that has achieved its goals in the first part Coming this time, it adds another degree of novelty. But the key component of every episode remains the twist. If even some episodes are gradually turning slightly However, overall held that Still holding out quite well Moreover, when the pile of people who are both hilarious and haunting and turning corners, it can be said that which person is desirable. Mediator from the first part This region is superior to the first one again. Do not miss a lot.

The Bay (2012)
One of the movies, the parasite eats the flesh of my heart. With the story of Donna, the news girl who entered the news in Heldith, a small peaceful town around Chesapeake Bay. That is starting to have a carnival in the city But then all of a sudden, horror happened suddenly. When a nameless woman starts running to cut inside the event to plead, and that was the beginning of all bad things. When the parasites were born, the parasites were transformed into the water supply system inside the city And anyone who accidentally uses that water to drink The parasites then hide into the body and start eating from the inside in horror.

Bodies of Bodies # 19 (2007)
Story of Chon A young boy who will suffer from nightmares waiting to deceive him, whenever he falls asleep until the elder sister Ae decides to force Chon to seek spiritual treatment. However, Chon was not convinced that what he had found was just His psychological symptoms that had come to mind. So he decided to find out. Including that it led him to meet Number 19 crematorium, where an important secret is lying in motion !!
Do not dare to tell many things. Afraid of going to spoil the story, agree that if you like the horror movie and still turn around until you drop your chair at the end Do not miss a lot !!

Classroom 6 (2015)
Footage horror movie When a group of reporters from the border television broadcasting station Went into filming a special program To prove the truth about The paranormal activity of Class 6 has caused many problems that cannot be answered. By setting up the camera Save all the pictures of everything inside the room. But didn’t know that while they were filming Something was about to start creeping towards them. Including ready to change the normal classroom into hell !!